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Link to pendulum animation:   The amplitude of the pendulum movement varies sinusiodally with the time in the graph as well the animation which follows the normal pendulum motion in reality. In the code we first initialized all the c Read more

AIM The main aim of this assignment is to perform a transient flow simulation over a NACA0017 airfoil at a different angle of attacks and compare the drag force and lift force in each case. THEORY The NACA airfoils are airfoil shapes for aircraft wings deve Read more

Hi, Please find the renderings of the gas tank and final assembly of the model in the following link   Regards Chandu Read more

suraj mulani · 2019-05-21 03:49:48

ppt is attached. Read more

clear all close all clc %function = sin(x)/x^3 %derivative of function = (x^3*(cos(x) - sin(x)*3*x^2)/x^3 x = pi/3; dx = linspace(pi/4,pi/4000,20); for i = 1:length(dx) [first_order_error(i), second_order_error(i), fourth_order_error(i)] = all_ap Read more

Objective: - To compare Rail wheel and Track under two given loading conditions, and to implement a user defined result to calculate Total Deformation.   Model Details: - A rail wheel mounted on a shaft along with a rail track is used for the study, as show Read more

AIM      To run the motion analysis of the planetary gear with a sun gear, a ring gear, a carrier, and 4 planet gears. PLANETARY GEAR                Planetary gear system consists of one or more planet gears revo Read more

Conjugate Heat Transfer of an Exhaust manifold Conjugate heat transfer (CHT) allows the simulation of the heat transfer between solid and fluid domains by exchanging thermal energy at the interfaces between them. These simulations are used whenever there is a solid- Read more

oiltank, pedal, chain are done using new methods like curve driven pattern, blocks,etc.. Read more Read more


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