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AbstractThe purpose of this project is to simulate the Prandtl-Meyer Shock wave using Converge Studio and study how adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) affects the results. IntroductionShock waves, also known as compression waves, is a type of developing disturbance that mo Read more

A MATLAB code has been written to obatain the PV diagram and thermal efficiency of an Otto cycle spark ignition piston engine. The Otto cycle is a description of what happens to a mass of gas as it is subjected to changes of pressure, temperature, volume, addition of h Read more

OBJECTIVE:-   The main objective of the challange is to create a mesh model of a  cylinder                         geometry having element size of 1 unit.   PROCEDURE:   STEP 1 Read more

OBJECTIVE: To compare the emissions such as NOx, Soot and Unburnt Hydrocarbons as well as key performance parameters for an Open W Piston vs an Omega Piston in Diesel Engines. PROCEDURE:- 1.1 INTRODUCTION: A typical diesel engine consists of a piston, liner and a cy Read more

ODE Stability
Rajesh potthuru · 2019-07-16 16:06:12

Objective: This project is working on the literature review of ODE stability. Solving ODE\'s was very difficult to get an accurate solution because they contain large data, which has been converted into user understanding and computer understanding. In computational we Read more

Flex Body
Ajinkya Bhonge · 2019-07-16 15:16:32

  Aim- To Study the effect of various parameter on Flexible Lower Arm and find the maximum displacement, stress and strain of the lower arm. Procedure- In the FlexBodyPrep, existing left lower arm h3d file was imported and mirrored along the Z plane to produce Read more

Objective: - For both implicit and explicit methods, look at the effect of time step on the stability of the solution. 1. How does an unstable solution look like? 2. At what CFL number does your solution become unstable ? 3. Write a detailed explanation for your res Read more

OBJECTIVE       The objective of this project is to clean up the topological errors in the parts of the BMW M6 model and then perform the surface mesh on the BMW model. Create a wind tunnel for the BMW M6 model to simulate the movement of the air ov Read more

MESHING A BONNET FOR STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS USING ANSA   OBJECTIVE: The given CAD of a car bonnet is to be meshed for structural analysis with the required mesh parameters. ABSTRACT: To work with thin-walled solids, using a midsurface shell model can reduce th Read more

                                Task Automation and Data Visualizer using PYTHON   Objective: To define a PYTHON script that acts as an automated data visualizer capable of extracting Read more


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