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Objective: To repair the geometry, and extract the mid surface of the given component andgenerate the mesh according to the given quality criterion. Quality Criteria: S.No  Quality Criteria  Value  1 Target/Average leng Read more

renu kumar · 2020-03-30 12:17:30

                                                                            &nbs Read more

ABSTRACT Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a method which depends on various numerical analysis and algorithms for finding solutions and analyzing the complex problems that concern fluid flow and it is atributary of Fluid Mechanics. The objective of the current pro Read more

A MATLAB program to solve second order ODEs for a simple pendulum.   Objective: - The main objective of this program is to simulate the transient behaviour of a simple pendulum and to create an animation of its motion by using MATLAB. Introduction: - The simple Read more

wheel arch area
ABHILASH GAJABAR · 2020-03-30 12:13:34 Read more

Objective:  To Perform a transient structural analysis on a universal joint with Different materials Case1: Structural Steel Case2:  Stainless Steel  Case3: Titanium alloy Geometry: The Geometry is been imported in design module Material The Read more

1.Understanding GT power

The GUI GT SUITE Software is  Industry Leading Simulation software From Concept Design  to Detailed System Analysis. Widely used in Automotive Industry.

Multi platform physics,Highly acclaimed,Indust Read more

Objective : - Cleanup the geometry of the model, perform mid surface and do meshing of the bottle capaccording to the quality criteria provided Procedure:  - Perform topological and geometry cleanup- Extract mid surface of bottle cap- Assign PIDs to mid surface Read more

Objective: To write a python code to calculate the minimum cushion pressure needed to break a given thickness of ice using an Air Cushion Vehicle by using the Newton Raphson Method for finding the root. To calculate the optimum value of the relaxation factor assumin Read more

Hood Design Mohit Narula
mohit narula · 2020-03-30 10:24:32

Aim: - To design hood outer and inner panel, position the striker and hinges and providing emboss and mastic points. Design considerations: Outer Panel Thickness = 0.75mm Inner Panel Thickness = 0.75mm Reinforcement Thickness = 1.5mm Minimum fillet radius = 3+0.7 Read more


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