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Aim: To calculate the critical frequencies of a shaft   A shaft is a rotating machine element, usually circular in cross-section, which is used to transmit power from one part to another, or from a machine which produces power to a machine which absorbs power.Res Read more

Objective :        Make  simulation by change run time to 55ms  and  animation time steps to  min of 25 and max of 60  for a given file. Then compare the simulation results between  without changing element property and Read more

Conjugate Heat Transfer
Manish Dhanapal · 2019-08-21 07:01:57

Introduction:-                     Setting up Conjugate Heat Transfer simulation in Converge CFD and Post processing results in paraview. Geomentry:- Commands  used to create the geomentry are Create, Sh Read more

OBJECTIVE:                    Replacing the boundary condition \'wedge\' into \'symmetry\'  and analysing the results by changing the wedge angle into 10,25 and 45 degrees. wedge boundary condition:     Read more

SIMULATION AND ANALYSIS OF LAMINAR FLOW THROUGH A PIPE USING OPENFOAM AND MATLAB   I. OBJECTIVES 1) Write a program in MATLAB that can automatically generate the computational mesh for any wedge angle and grading schemes. 2) Generate the blockMeshDict file for Read more

Objective:        The aim of this analysis to find out stress,strain,displacement for the plate with hole for two cases. Design Inputs: Case 1: Length=300mmHeight=120mmThickness=30mmCircular Hole at the center:Diameter=60mm Case 2: Length=300 Read more

1. INTRODUCTION: GT Suite is a multiphysics CAE system simulation software.The foundation of GT-SUITE is a versatile multi-physics platform for constructing models of general systems based on many underlying fundamental libraries: Flow library (any fluid, gas or liq Read more

                                        Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD/MBS)    Definition: Multibody Dynamics(MBD) or Multibody systems (MBS) simulation is the stu Read more

Sandeep Singh · 2019-08-20 20:34:36

ASSIGNMENT -1 PART 1. Steps taken in geometry clean-up. Import model in Hyper works. Visualize the part in all around. And put the geometry colour mixed. Put geometry in wireframe. Set-up visualization for free, shared, suppressed and non-manifold edges. Clean-u Read more


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