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  OBJECTIVE : - 1). Implementing conservative and non conservative form on 1D quasi supersonic nozzle flow                        2). Performing grid dependence test on the both form.   1).Co Read more

FVM Literature Review
Avinash Dhotre · 2020-01-18 07:44:15

Objective - To describe the need for interpolation schemes and flux limiters in FVM.     Basics In computational fluid dynamics there are 3 numerical method based solvers to solve the governing navier strokes equations these are: 1. Finite difference Read more

assignment 5
Rajat Saini · 2020-01-18 06:49:50

Target element size is 6 mm The bumper mesh is being done by QI optimize this time I have already set the parameters and created the mesh Table comparison b/w 11 cases -   deformation Plastic strain Von-Mises stress Contact Energy Read more

Objective: Stoichiometric Combustion Calculator for Alkane, Alkene and Alkyne fuels using follwing equation Here n = Number of moles of C ar = Stoichiometric co-efficient a = Number of moles of Carbon-di-oxide b = Number of moles of water c = Number of moles of Read more

Objective Perform a parametric study on the gate valve simulation by setting 5 design points starting from the initial condition of lift with the least value of mass flow rate Obtain the mass flow rates at the outlet for each design point. Show the cut section view Read more Read more

FINITE VOLUME METHOD Volume integrals are converted into surface integrals using divergence theorem to solve the partial differential equations in the form of algebraic equations.This method is conservative in nature therefore the amount of flux entering a surface is e Read more

Selvaganapathy S · 2020-01-17 15:08:29

BRACKET   LINK:    OBJECTIVE: To observe the model and design the sheet metal by using given dimensions and instructions  INTRODUCTION: NX is widely used Computer Aided De Read more

OBJECTIVE:                                          Read more

Matlab code i.e-wedge 45 clear all; close all; clc; % % Diameter of pipe in inch to meter % % P=3.14*d; % % A=(3.14/4)*(d^2); % % D=4*A/P=d; d=8.563/1000; %% which is simply ID of 1/8\" pipe r=d/2; theta=45; % wedge angle % % Arc length % % property of wa Read more


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