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American Chopper Parts
Goutham · 2019-12-08 15:26:36

  1. Transmission belt   2. Kickstand   3. Front fender   4. Rear fender   Read more

1. Roof Assembly The conventional task of the roof panel is that of compartment shielding, passenger protection and connection of body sides, front and roof cross members, In case of roll over, compartment integrity is provided by the compartment frames, whilst the roo Read more

Benchmarking - Specs Aspects
Irfan Habib · 2019-12-08 13:15:03

On analyzing the parameters of the five cars in the SUV segment above I can conclude that TATA Nexon 1.5 Revotorq XM stands out from others in the majority of the parameters. With a minimum turning radius of 5.1m and has the shortest braking distance among the other op Read more

1. Rear Wheel :                                 X---------------------------X-----------------------X   2. Read more

OBJECTIVE: 1.To solve the steady and transient(implicit and explicit) 2D heat conduction equation using jacobi,gauss- seidal and successive over relaxation iterative techiques in matlab. 2.To calculate and compare the simulation time and number of iterations taken to Read more

Objective Derive the following 4th order approximations of the second order derivative 1. Central difference 2. Skewed right sided difference 3. Skewed left sided difference 4. plot the graph for diffrence of error for above scheme Derivation of central diffrence Read more Read more

Aim:    To solve steady and unsteady 2D heat conduction problem Objective:   To use iterative solvers - Jacobi Method, Gauss-Seidel Method and Successive Over Relaxation(SOR) Method, to solve steady and unsteady 2D conduction equation To us Read more

Objective: To create 3D meshing for the given models and solve the following questions: Case Set up and Execution: 1. Material and its properties as given in FIRST_RUN_0000.rad file:- Material:Steel Density:0.0078`g/(mm²)` Young's Modulus:2100 Read more

INTRODUCTION: In Engineering, ODE is used to describe the transient behavior of a system. A simple example is a pendulum.                                       The way the Read more


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