I am a passionate mechanical engineer graduate with an interest in Automotive powertrain especially Internal Combustion engines. Currently,  I’m pursuing a Masters Certification Program in Hybrid Electrical Vehicles design and simulations at Skill-Lync. 

I have good exposure to CFD software like CONVERGE, ANSYS and GT POWER and I have worked on MATLAB as well and I also have strong fundamental knowledge in Heat transfer, Thermodynamics and Internal Combustion Engines.    

I am much interested to work on Automotive power-train development. With increasing concern over global warming and the fact that Automobile emissions are the major contributor to global warming, there is a unanimous need to develop automotive power-train. 

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Email Id: [email protected]

Mobile.No: (+91) 9585737279

Projects by Adhavan Kadhiravan

Steps in a CFD Simulation   Problem Statement: The first step of the simulation is to gather information about the simulation process in general. What is the most convenient way of solving this problem in an economic way: Cheap solution: No high Read more

Aim To study the effect of Discretization length of the intake runner on engine performance parameters and simulation time and to explore a tutorial on the Discretization process.   Explanation A 1 cylinder Diesel engine model is used to study the Discretizatio Read more

Objective To optimize the Diesel_4cyl_DIpulse_injratemap example case for low Brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) and Low NO (Nitrogen Oxide).   Model Overview & Explanation     The above engine model is a 4-cylinder, four-stroke, dire Read more

Objective To explore the SI Engine with its aftertreatment system and compare the results of all cases   Simulation Model   Model Overview   There are two circuits in the above model:                   Read more

  Objective Detailed study of engine emissions, after-treatment devices, In-Cylinder strategies used to control tail pipe emissions and after-treatment models in GT-POWER.   Engine emissions Hydrocarbons are used as engine fuel. Petrol and Diesel are the Read more

Objective To solve the given systems of equations using Iterative techniques in matrix form Explanation   Given set of equations A=[5 1 2; -3 9 4; 1 2 -7] X=[x1; x2; x3] B=[10 -14 33]   The above equations can be solved easily using In-build functions Read more

Objective To explore FRM models and create a FRM model for a given engine configuration using FRM builder approach   FRM-(Fast Running Model)   A FRM model is a fully physical engine model that is designed specifically to run fast. When simulation sp Read more

Objective To write a code to solve the 1D supersonic nozzle flow equations using MacCormack method. Problem Definition                                      The above imag Read more

Objective To study and model different types of turbocharger using GT-POWER Descreption Forced Induction vs naturally aspirated engines If more air is available then more fuel can be burned producing more power. In naturally aspirated engines, the atmospheric air e Read more

Objective To do 1 Dimensional thermodynamic analysis of a Tractor engine for use in India with following targets.   MAX POWER 75 HP BSFC (Brake specific fuel consumption) Min- 210 g/kWh    Max- 225 g/kWh MAX TOR Read more


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