I am a passionate mechanical engineer graduate with an interest in Automotive powertrain especially Internal Combustion engines. Currently,  I’m pursuing a Masters Certification Program in Hybrid Electrical Vehicles design and simulations at Skill-Lync. 

I have good exposure to CFD software like CONVERGE, ANSYS and GT POWER and I have worked on MATLAB as well and I also have strong fundamental knowledge in Heat transfer, Thermodynamics and Internal Combustion Engines.    

I am much interested to work on Automotive power-train development. With increasing concern over global warming and the fact that Automobile emissions are the major contributor to global warming, there is a unanimous need to develop automotive power-train. 

Contact Info

Email Id: [email protected]

Mobile.No: (+91) 9585737279

Projects by Adhavan Kadhiravan

https://projects.skill-lync.com/projects/Turbocharger-Modelling-using-GT-POWER-61735 Read more

Objective To study and model different types of turbocharger using GT-POWER Descreption Forced Induction vs naturally aspirated engines If more air is available then more fuel can be burned producing more power. In naturally aspirated engines, the atmospheric air e Read more

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Steady State Analysis In steady state Analysis the solution is independent of time, hence it solves for the values at steady state. The fastest steady state analysis is achieved using SOR(Successive over relaxation) method at `alpha`(Relaxation factor) =1.7. &nb Read more

Objective To write a code in Matlab to solve the steady and unsteady 2D Heat conduction problem using implicit and explicit methods. Explanation The three dimensional conduction equation is    The 2D conduction equation at steady state in differential f Read more

Objective  To Compare SI and CI engine and study the performance parameters of CI Engine     CI Engine Model   BSFC (Brake specific fuel consumption) The brake specific fuel consumption(BSFC) is the ratio of the mass flow rate of fuel to t Read more

Objective To write a code in Matlab to optimize the given stalagmite function using Genetic Algorithm function. Descreption The stalagmite function is given below Genetic Algorithm The genetic algorithm is a method to solve both constrained and unconstrained opti Read more

Objective                 To write a code in Matlab to compare different finite difference schemes by comparing their error values  for different grid size for second order derivative of fourth order approximation. Descrept Read more


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