I am a passionate Mechanical Engineer graduate from the Shivalik College of engineering, Dehradun, with a keen interest in Computational design and simulations in CFD domain.

Currently, I am pursuing my Masters Certification Program on CFD at SKILL-LYNC. I have worked on 12+ projects based on CFD domain using simulation applications.

Over the last 1+ year, I have been working on solid modelling in SolidWorks, MATLAB scripting and simulation tools like CONVERGE and ANSYS.

I am continuously working and gaining experience in pre-processing tools like ANSA, Simulation software tools like ANSYS.

Contact Info

Email Id :- [email protected]

Mobile No :- +917060753911

Projects by Aman Kumar

Cyclone Separator
Aman Kumar · 2019-10-11 06:04:43

Objectives :- To perform an analysis on the given cyclone separator model and apply four different boundary condition types at the inlet i.e. reflect, trap, escape and wall-jet. Varying the number of particles through the inlet and run the simulation for 3 cases usi Read more

Gearbox Sloshing effect
Aman Kumar · 2019-10-10 05:30:19

Objectives :- To perform the simulation for two clearances of the gears and also using a different fluid. Gearbox Sloshing Effect :- For this challenge we are running 4 cases of gearbox with two different clearances and with the two different fluids and observe t Read more

Meshing on the BMW M6 model
Aman Kumar · 2019-10-09 14:07:48

Objective :-  To cleanup the Topological error on a given BMW M6 model using ANSA. To mesh the model with different mesh size. To cleanup the mesh quality error. Create wind tunnel for the CFD simulation. Step that are followed by me to cleanup the geometr Read more

Meshing on Turbocharger Model
Aman Kumar · 2019-09-20 05:40:22

Objective :-  To cleanup the Topological error on a given turbocharger model using ANSA To mesh the model with different mesh size Step that are followed by me to cleanup the geometry error and then meshing a Turbocharger model using ANSA :- Step 1 : Import Read more

Objectives :- To perform a CHT analysis on a model of an exhaust manifold. Perform a CHT analysis on exaust manifold with 2 different sizes of mesh and compare the results. Show the velocity, temperature and heat transfer coefficient plots and explain if refining t Read more

Objectives :- To perform a steady state conjugate heat transfer analysis on a model of a graphics card. Consider the appropriate materials for the simulation. Find out the maximum temperature attained by the processor. Prove that the simulation has achieved conver Read more

Rayleigh Taylor Instability
Aman Kumar · 2019-09-08 05:45:36

Objectives :- To Perform the Rayleigh Taylor instability simulation for 3 different mesh sizes with the base mesh being 0.5 mm. Compare the results by showing the animations Rayleigh-Taylor instability :- Rayleigh-Taylor instability (RTI) is the interpenetration Read more

Objectives :- To perform simulation on CAT3410 diesel engine with two different types of piston bowl profiles. Omega piston Open W piston Characterize the emissions (Soot, Nox and UHC) Create cut-plan animations showing Soot, Nox and UHC and compare them Read more

RANS derivation and analysis
Aman Kumar · 2019-07-13 09:48:47

Obejective :- Apply reynold\'s decomposition to the NS equations and come up with the expression for reynold\'s stress. Explain your understanding of the terms reynold\'s stress What is turbulent viscosity? How is it different from molecular viscosity? What is t Read more

Objectives :- Setup a case for full Hydro simulation of SI8 Port Fuel Injection Engine in CONVERGE. Post process the result in paraView. Find out the following with the help of inputs provided in the challenge and the simulation result.   What is the comp Read more


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