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Projects by Arjun Bhat

Curve Fitting using MATLAB
Arjun Bhat · 2019-08-19 20:20:53

Project aims at finding the best fit curve for a given data and finding the error between the original and said curve. The data being used is that of Specific heat (Cp) vs Temeperature. Plot will be made to show variation of Cp with Temp first.  Code: % Data cp Read more

This project explores the simulation of the motion of a pendulum for the equation of damped vibration of a pendulum. Below is the equation (taken from "Challenges" page): An attempt is made to solve the above equation, and then call it using ode45 to get an array of Read more

Project involves plotting an Otto Cycle graph in MATLAB The goal is to plot all strokes for a petrol operating by the otto cycle from intake, compression, power to exhaust, including both adiabatic curves. Description: The Otto Cycle is the idealised cycle that descr Read more

Code and Description: The project involves simulating a 2-joint robotic arm. % Lengths l1 = 1; l2 = 0.5; % Angles ang1 = linspace (0, 90, 20); ang2 = linspace (0, 90, 20); count = 1; % loop for i = 1:length(ang1) ANG1 = ang1(i); for j = 1:length(ang2 Read more


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