I am interested in Mechanical Engineer with a keen interest in the area of CFD, CAE, Finite Element Analysis, & Mechanical Design. Over the last one year, I have been running simulation software such as Ansys Fluent, ANSA, Converse Studio, Open FOAM, and Para-View. Good understanding of Fluid flow, Thermal analysis, and CFD simulations.

Currently, I am pursuing my Master Certification Program in CFD Master at SKILL-LYNC. I am specializing in meshing and Computational fluid dynamics.

After fun two years of learning, innovation & research I have graduated from Amity University in June 2018 with Masters in Thermal Engineering. I have proficiency both in computational and experimental techniques. As a graduate with more than two years of experience in a thermal power station as a Mechanical Engineer and five months of teaching experience as a Guest Lecturer. I am confident that I can be a great addition to a team. I have always reveled in the opportunity of learning & working with industry leaders & professionals.rks.


Master in Technology

Thermal Engineering

Amity School of Engineering and Technology

2016 - 2018

Graduated with 9.1 CGPA

Thesis: Experimental Investigation of Sectioned S-Shaped Diffuser.

Minored in the German language.

Course work in Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

In this duration, I have practice on design simulation software Solid-works and ANSYS.  



Bachelor in Technology

Mechanical Engineering

Manda Institute of Technology

2010 - 2014

Graduated with 70.08% Honors

Project: Evaporative Cooler

              Screw Pump.

Course work in Thermodynamics, Machine Design, Industrial and Production.

In this duration, I have done a certified course of AutoCAD and CatiaV5 design software.

Contact Info

[email protected]

[email protected]


B – 228 Karni Nagar, lalgarh

Bikaner (Raj.) India

Projects by Arun Gupta

Aim It is a flow simulation through a pipe to understand super-cycling in a conjugate heat transfer problem. Introduction The analysis type Conjugate heat transfer (CHT) allows the simulation of the heat transfer between Solid and Fluid  Read more

Aim Cleaning and Mesh the Mesh model to define the correct property ID. Introduction Hood is a covering part of the engine compartment which is also known as the bonnet. Acts as a engine unit protector, and protects from environmental issues. Protects passenger f Read more

Aim Study the effect of pressure and temp in Shock-tube. Introduction In a Shock Tube, the sudden expansion of a gas at high pressure into a gas at low pressure produces a plane shock wave that then propagates through a long-closed tube. The shock wave is used to pro Read more

Mesh the BMW M6 Model
Arun Gupta · 2019-08-06 17:24:20

Aim Cleaning and Meshing of the provided BMW M6 Model. Introduction As the car has several PID\'s there were many topological errors to clear and there are triple coons single coons as seen in the above model, the main aim is to clear those and to create a surface me Read more

Aim Cleaning the CAD model and Surface meshing the pressure Valve CAD model using ANSA. The problem in the Pressure Valve CAD Model I have observed in the cad model many problems are present. Surface missing Surface Interface Performed steps in completin Read more

Aim Perform the meshing the turbocharger model using the ANSA. Cleaning the turbocharger part and Assign the PID\'S Do the surface and volume mesh of the turbocharger. Turbocharger A turbocharger, colloquially known as a turbo, is a turbine-driven forced i Read more

Aim Fluid Flow behavior when the throttle changes his position with time. Throttle Valve Throttle, Valve for regulation the provision of a fluid (as steam) to an engine, particularly the valve dominant the degree of&n Read more

Aim Study of the Prandtl Meyer Shock problem and effect of subgrid mesh. Shock wave The shock wave, constructive interference of sound created by an object moving faster than sound. Shock wave boundary interactions occur when a shock wave and a boundary layer conver Read more

  A. In the given code, mole fractions of O2 & N2 are given as 0.21 & 0.79 we know that mole fraction = (number of moles of that species)/ (Total number of moles) from the reaction of methane (CH4) CH4+2O2+2(3.76)N2=CO2+2H2O+2(3.76)N2\">CH4 + 2O2 + 2 Read more

Combustion of Methane Gases A common example of the burning of gaseous fuel is the combustion of natural gas which mainly contains methane. One molecule of methane reacts with two molecules of oxygen to produce one molecule of carbon dioxide and two molecules of water Read more


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