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Assignment 2
Ayush agrawal · 2019-10-14 10:28:44

Answer 1: By appending the case for RPM parameter, we feed the speed 1800 rpm their and then run.  In GT- POST, combine both the cases and the results are there. As we all know BMEP =IMEP-Friction losses. So, BMEP=153.88-0.8=153KW(Approx). For In-cylinder pre Read more

Assignment 1
Ayush agrawal · 2019-10-09 12:13:49

This is the GUI of GT-SUITE. As we can see there are several options above the blank screen, those are the functions that are used In the software.  Different GT Modules Available: GT- POST: Once the simulation is complete, the results are viewed in the GT Read more


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