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Projects by Giridhar Lingutla

Objective: To analyze and compare the results of following given 7 cases of a spherical ball hitting rupture plate with different materials and properties. Case Set up and Execution: Case-1: Law2_epsmax_failure Open FAILURE_JOHNSON_0000.rad file. R Read more

Objective: To compare the simulation results of the base setup and improved shell element properties. Case Set up and Execution: Case-1: Open Hypermesh>Import Solver Desk, Select Element_Formulation-Shell-3_assignment_0000.rad Now go to View> Read more

Objective: To create 3D meshing for the given models and solve the following questions: Case Set up and Execution: 1. Material and its properties as given in FIRST_RUN_0000.rad file:- Material:Steel Density:0.0078`g/(mm²)` Young's Modulus:2100 Read more

Objective: To carryout geometry cleanup oeration on the given files and convert all of them into refine geometry:- Clean the geometry. Extract Midsurface. Clean Midsurface geometry. Ignore holes less than 5mm diameter. Create 2D mesh by keeping the element length Read more

Planetary Gear
Giridhar Lingutla · 2019-08-24 11:14:35

Objective: To run the motion analysis on the planetary gear with a sun gear, a ring gear, a carrier and four planet gears.  Modelling:  The following inputs are used for designing the Planetary Gear Ring Gear Module = 2.5 (You must use the metric Read more

Objective: To model the essential parts of an IC Engine Valve Train and run an MBD simulation on that. Obtain the Valve Lift.  The contact force between  Cam and Push Rod Pushrod and Rocker Arm Rocker Arm and Valve Explain why th Read more

Objective: To model the piston and its associated parts then perform an Multibody Dynamic simulation by assembling them. Modelling:  Piston and its associated parts required for piston assembly is modelled in solidworks as shown below. Piston Gudgeon Pin Read more

Objective: To create 3-D models of Internal Geneva Mechanism and perform motion analysis by rotating the driver wheel at 10rpm and 20rpm. Obtain results such as contact force between driving and the driven wheel as a function of time, Angular Displacement of the d Read more

Objective:  To find out critical frequencies of rotating shaft by generating 5 mode shapes using Solidworks Simulation. Model: A rotating shaft model is created in Solidworks using following dimensions:(all dimensions are in mm) Boundary Conditions: Material Read more

Objective: Perform Static Analysis on two models of plate with holes and compare the results for stress, strain and displacement. Case-1: The model is created in Solidworks with the following dimensions. Length=300mmHeight=120mmThickness=30mmCircular Hole at the cen Read more


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