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NASA File Parsing
Harsh Samadhiya · 2020-02-14 08:03:02

Aim - To parse the Nasa Thermodynamics data and to calculate the thermodynamic properties of the species. Theory - What is Data parsing?  Data Parsing is the technique of breaking down a large block of data into meaningful and useful smaller blocks. In this prog Read more

Aim - to write a matlab program which can solve for the value of  global maxima in a given set of data using ga function. Theory -  A genetic algorithim is a search technique  inspired by the theory of natural evolution of Charles darwin. This algor Read more

Objective - To write a MATLAB program that measures the various state variables involved in an otto cycle and maps the relationship between them. Theory -  The "Otto cycle" also reffered to as "constant volume Air standard cycle" is a set of termodynamic processes Read more


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