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Projects by Md Imran Ansari

Aim  :    To simulate flow through a pipe upto the fully developed region Objective :  Take a wedge about the axis of the pipe and use axisymmetry condition to get the desired output Take length of the pipe to be entry length and simulate flow a Read more

In Finite Volume Method(FVM) the values of the variable are stored at the computational nodes (central position) of the control volume. The approximations of surface and volume integrals require values of the variables at the centre of the faces of the control volume. S Read more

Aim:  To simulate the flow through a backward facing step using icoFoam solver   Objective: To create create the geometry as given and then develop mesh for that Use different scale factor to refine mesh near the walls Solve the flow through the domain Read more

Aim: To solve quasi one-dimensional isentropic flow through convergent-divergent nozzle using Mac-Cormack\'s technique Objective: To use conservation and non-conservation forms of partial differential equations to          construct fin Read more

Aim:    To solve steady and unsteady 2D heat conduction problem Objective:   To use iterative solvers - Jacobi Method, Gauss-Seidel Method and Successive Over Relaxation(SOR) Method, to solve steady and unsteady 2D conduction equation To us Read more

Fourth Order Approximation of Second Derivative of a Function    1. Central Difference Scheme In Central difference scheme the number of nodes required to get fourth order approximation for a second derivative of a function is =5 ( A+O-1) where A is order o Read more


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