Aerospace Engineer. Solid background in propulsion and air-breathing engines simulation. Looking to specialize in Aero/Thermal Fluids at a company that will allow me to develop my full potential while learning from highly skilled professionals 

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Projects by Jorge Martinez

The objective of this part of the project, is to simulate the transient flow through an elbow pipe with a throttle valve in the middle. This valve will be rotating from zero to 25 degrees, and then stay steady.  Case Setup. In the steady state part of the project Read more

This project purpose is to simulate the flow over an elbow body that contains a throttle using CONVERGE Studio. In this first part of the project, an steady state analysis will be set up. This means that the throttle will not move. This case helps set up the real analys Read more

In this challenge, the efficiency of using a heat recuperator to pre-heat the air is analyzed. For that, we simulate a furnace burning methane and air mixture, and we analyze first how the pre-heating affects at the AFL, and then the total heat/work that could be extrac Read more

This project main objective is to calculate the Adiabatic Flame Temperature using Python and Cantera. In the first part of the project, the effect of the equivalence ratio for the methane combustion in a constant volume chamber is analyzed, and the python and cantera re Read more

This projects aims to simulate a backward facing step flow using CONVERGE Studio. The flow is creating when a not reacting specie, air (23% O2 and 77% N2 in mass fraction), suffers a pressure gradient between the ends of the channel. The velocity, pressure and recirulat Read more

This document represents the second part of the project related to the simulation of an incompressible laminar flow through a pipe. In the previous part of the project, a 4 edge degrees simulation was carried out using icoFoam and wedge boundary conditions. The purpose Read more

SIMULATION OF FLOW THROUGH A PIPE. This project objective is to be able to accurately simulate the laminar incompressible flow through a pipe. The project will be broken into two different parts. This first part of the project will be focused on the simulation set-up. Read more

This project pretends to be a summary of my MSc Thesis on Water-enabled Propulsion Technologies for Interplantary Travel and Surface Exploration and Prospecting. This thesis is the result of my work at the Space and Terrestrial Robotic Exploration Laboratory at the Univ Read more

The main purpose of this project is to get familiarized with OpenFoam and simulate the flow through a backward facing step. This problem is going to be solved for an incompressible laminar (low Re) flow, and therefore the icoFoam solver is used. The interest of this pro Read more

This project main objective is the numerical solution of a 1D Supersonic Nozzle Flow using the Macormack Method. Although analytically identical, the numerical solution of conservation and nonconservation forms of the governing equations is usually different. That is t Read more


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