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Shock tube simulation
Krishnan J · 2018-09-09 13:57:51

Link to the simulation video: Shock tube simulation video Objective: To understand the working of Shock Tube To understand the concept of \'Events\' in the Converge Studio Shock Tube setup and working:        The shock tube is a simple Read more

Fourth order approximations of the second order derivative using the following schemes are derived with the help of Programming Central difference Skewed right sided difference Skewed left sided difference Wrote a Matlab program to evaluate the second order deri Read more

Prandtl Meyer Shock problem
Krishnan J · 2018-09-02 15:14:43

Objective: To understand the theory of formation of expansion fan due to infinite mach waves, originated at the sharp convex corner   To understand the reason for the usage of Neumann BC at the outlet for supersonic flow To understand the effect of SGS pa Read more

OBJECTIVE OF THIS PROJECT IS THE UNDERSTAND THE FOLLOWING : CHT simulation is used to simultaneously predict the heat transfer in the fluid and the solid portions of the domain. In fluid heat transfer takes place faster when compared to solids, therefore to overcome thi Read more

1. Transient flow simulation of fluid over a throttle body is carried out using transient solver. No hydrodynamic mode can be used to check whether the mesh generation process is taking place correctly  2. Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes method is used to solve th Read more

1. Steady state flow simulation of fluid over a throttle body is carried out using Pressure-based steady solver  2. Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes method is used to solve the compressible fluid flow inside the bent pipe and RNG-K epsilon turbulence model is Read more

1. Backward step geometry is drawn in the converge studio. Dimensions are determined from the file provided by the skill lync. 2. Three different base mesh sizes are used (Converge studio resulted that the order of 10^-4 is too small and could result in data overflow, Read more

1. Channel flow case is set, with the help of tutorial videos provided by convergent science. 2. Three different base mesh sizes are used 2e-4m 1.5e-4m 1.2e-4m 3. Cygwin is used to run the simulation and in the converge studio the binary outputs are post proces Read more

The main objective of this project is to simulate the flow through a backward facing step using icoFoam solver, with multiple meshes. But as an extensive study, flow through the backward facing step is simulated using two solvers, in this project. M Read more

Eventhough exact analytical solutions are available for quasi 1D nozzle flow problems, why do we strive hard to compute the non-exact numerical solution?        OBJECTIVE - To answer the above question, we should first observe the objective of Read more


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