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Projects by Piyush Misar

Objective: Write a program in Matlab that can generate the computational mesh automatically for any wedge angle and grading schemes. Simulate the velocity profile of fully developed flow at different positions along the length of the pipe.   Theory: Hydrod Read more

FVM Literature Review
Piyush Misar · 2020-02-13 09:29:38

Aim: Describe the need for interpolation schemes and flux limiters in FVM.    Theory: Finite volume method (FVM):   The Finite volume method (FVM) is a method for representing and evaluating partial differential equation. In the form of algebraic equa Read more

Aim:     To simulate the flow through a backward facing step using the icoFOAM solver.Create multiple meshes and compare the results obtained from each mesh. Objective: How does the velocity magnitude profile change as a function of mesh grading fact Read more

Objective:  Write a programe to Solve the 2D heat conduction equation by using Transient solver and a Steady state solver using Iterative technique. Theory: 2 D Temperature Heat Conduction Equation: Transient form,        &nb Read more

1 D linear convection
Piyush Misar · 2019-12-04 08:35:33

Objective:    Write the program to solve 1 D linear convection problem. Given: Assume that the domain length is L = 1m. The initial velocity profile is a step function. It is equal to 2m/s between x= 0.1 and 0.3 and 1m/s everywhere else. Constant Veloci Read more

Data analysis in python
Piyush Misar · 2019-11-01 08:50:24

Objective: Data visualizer Your script should take column numbers as the input and plot the respective columns as separate images Each file should be saved by the name of the column The plot labels should be extracted from the file. If, I request for a plot betwee Read more

Objective:  Write a code to solve given equation by using Newton Raphson method. 1.Use relaxation factor of 1 and explain your results. 2.How will you choose the optimum relaxation factor for this case? and what is the optimum relaxation factor for thi Read more

Objective:   Write a program to simulate the transient behaviour of a simple pendulum and to create an animation of it\'s motion. Introduction:      A simple pendulum is defined to have an object that has a small mass, also known as the pendu Read more

Objective: 1.Write a programe to plot P-V diagram for Otto cycle. 2.Calculate Thermal efficiency for otto cycle.   Introduction:     Otto cycle is gas power cycle on which Spark ignition engine works.It consist of four processes Process 1-2: Is Read more

2R Robotic Arm Simulator
Piyush Misar · 2019-10-10 07:35:59

Objective:   Write a Program to simulate forward kinematics of a 2R Robotic Arm. Introduction:                       A robotic arm  is a type of mec Read more


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