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Projects by Pritesh Lunkad

Flow over a cylinder
Pritesh Lunkad · 2018-09-12 13:11:28

Simulating the flow over a cylinder with different reynolds number A cylinder is designed in solidworks of the following dimensions Diameter = 40mm Length = 50mm The formula to calculate the value of velocity for different reynolds number is given as, The sim Read more

Pipe flow simulation
Pritesh Lunkad · 2018-09-05 13:42:28

A pipe is designed in solidworks of the following dimensions, to perform the simulation External diameter = 50mm Internal  diameter = 48mm Length = 1000mm Thickness = 1mm The characteristics of the fluid which is flowing inside the pipe are as follows, Read more

NASA  came up with polynomials that can be used to evaluate thermodynamic properties such as Cp, H and S using polynomials. They have also documented the co-efficients that are required to evaluate these polynomials for 1000+ species. The program that can read the Read more

A genetic algorithm is a method of solving optimization problems by the concept of theory of evolution proposed by Charles Darwin. This algorithm is used to calculate the global minimum or global maximum of a function. The working of a genetic algorithm is given below& Read more

Second order ODE
Pritesh Lunkad · 2018-06-30 16:47:32

Video of moving pendulum https://youtu.be/kDixJr7sMAU   The code for solving the second order ODE, clear all close all clc %inputs b=0.5; g=9.81; l=1; m=1; %initial conditions theta_0=[0;3]; %time plots t_span = linspace(0,20,500); %solve OD Read more

Curve fitting
Pritesh Lunkad · 2018-06-30 13:28:49

Q1>Write code to fit a linear and cubic polynomial for the Cp data. Explain if your results are good or bad.  The code to fit a linear polynomial for the given cp data is given below, clear all close all clc %preparing the data cp_data = load ('data') t Read more

%forward Kinematics animation animation of a 2r robotics arm clear all; close all; clc; %inputs l1=1; l2=0.5; theta1 = linspace (0,90,4); theta2 = linspace (0,90,4); ct=1; for i=1:length(theta1) THETA1= theta1(i); for j=1:length(theta2) Read more

Function to calculate the piston kinematics function [V] = otto_cycle_piston_kinematics(bore,stroke,con_rod,cr,start_crank,end_crank) %inputs theta = linspace(start_crank,end_crank,100); a=stroke/2; R = con_rod/a; v_swept = (pi/4)*bore^2*stroke; v_clearence Read more

% Program to calculate the drag force on a bicycle clear all close all clc %inputs %drag coefficient c_d = 0.8; %velocity m/s v= [1:40]; %density m^3/s d= 1.2; %area m^2/s a=0.1; %drag force calculation drag_force = d*a*v.^2*c_d*0.5; %plott Read more


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