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Projects by Rahul Ramakrishnan

      1) SPEED CONTROL OF DC MOTOR USING H-Bridge. The H-bridge consists of four IGBT/Diode pairs. Two transistors are switched simultaneously: Q1 and Q4 or Q2 and Q3. When Q1 and Q4 are fired, a positive voltage is applied to the motor and diodes Read more

DC MOTOR CHARACTERISTICS       Now, keeping these parameters in mind I have scripted a MATLAB code. Plotting the Angular velocity and the Motor torque, the user can input the Motor parameters ( Operating voltage, Motor constant and Armature resis Read more

The Matlab script takes the NO LOAD & BLOCKED ROTOR TEST data and calculates the relevant parameters and plots the torque-speed curve of the induction motor.   %% Equivalent circuit analysis of an induction motor % Computation of Induction parameters and Tor Read more

1) MAPPED VS DYNAMIC   2) CALCULATION OF MPG       3) WIDE OPEN THROTTLE OF HEV We will simulate the Wide-open throttle response for the HEV model, and compare the changes in various parameters when the simulation is done with Air drag Read more


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