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Projects by Ranjit Salunke

          Fixed Pin Unit Used to locate car panel using pins. It consists of riser, blade & adaptor plate, block, Shims, pin retainer, pin. Shims are the important parts since they used to avoid the error due to st Read more

gearbox sloshing
Ranjit Salunke · 2019-12-28 09:53:16

Gear box Sloshing: - Sloshing is phenomenon that happens within closed container or when any abject rotate or translate in container that contains fluid. Gear box sloshing is important phenomenon to study whether proper lubrication is provided withing gearbox or not. Read more

challenge on combustion
Ranjit Salunke · 2019-12-26 10:39:03

Problem Statement: -To study Combustion of Air+Ch4 mixture. Objective: - Briefly explain about the possible types of combustion simulations in FLUENT. Perform a combustion simulation on the combustor model and plot the variation of the mass fraction of the differen Read more

Problem Statement: - Write a few words about the four empirical models used for cyclone separator efficiency. Perform an analysis on the given cyclone separator model and apply four different boundary condition types at the inlet i.e. reflect, trap, escape and wall- Read more

Problem Statement: - To perform a parametric study on the gate valve simulation by setting 5 design points starting from the initial condition of lift with the least value of mass flow rate Objective: - Obtain the mass flow rates at the outlet for each design point Read more

Project on CHT Analysis of Graphics card Using ANSYS Fluent Objectives: - Find out the maximum temperature attained by the processor. Prove that the simulation has achieved convergence with appropriate images and plots. Find out the heat transfer coefficient at ap Read more

Rayleigh Taylor waves
Ranjit Salunke · 2019-11-13 14:38:52

Problem Statement: - Q1. What are some practical CFD models that have been based on the mathematical analysis of Rayleigh Taylor waves? In your own words, explain how these mathematical models have been adapted for CFD calculations Q2. Perform the Rayleigh Taylor inst Read more

Problem Statements: - Give a brief description of why and where a CHT analysis is used.  Perform a CHT analysis on a model of an exhaust manifold. You need to compare the solutions for 2 sizes of meshes. The first one should be the baseline mesh and the second Read more

Ahmed Body Challenge
Ranjit Salunke · 2019-10-31 09:43:34

Ahmed Body Challenge Problem Description: -To perform a grid dependency test on the ahmed body and compare the results.  Objective: - To describe ahmed body and its importance To perform grid dependency test on geometry by varying the mesh around geometry. T Read more

MIXING TEE CHALLENGE CASE 1 Problem Definition: - To setup steady state simulations to compare the mixing effectiveness Of Short mixing tee with hot inlet velocity of 3m/s & Momentum ratio of 2. Specification of Geometry: -     Pipe Length: -190mm Read more


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