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B.Tech (Mechanical Engineer)

phone : +917075666633

email id: [email protected]


Projects by Rishi Verma

AIM :  A program to simulate the transient behaviour of a simple pendulum and to create an animation of it\'s motion. OBJECTIVE :  write a program that solves the following ODE Plot the values of displacement and velocity with time create an animati Read more

AIM : solving the otto cycle using forward kinematics and ploting the values in p-v diagram  OBJECTIVE :  solving otto cycle for getting temperature , pressure and volume values . plot the values as in p-v diagram that are we getting from solving otto cyc Read more

AIM : Simulating the forward kinematics of a 2R Robotic Arm.   OBJECTIVE : (1) Calculate the positions of Link1 and Link2 using forward kinematics.                      (2) Plot the required values getting t Read more

Aim : Calculate the Drag Force of a cyclist in different positions by varying Velocity. Objective : Plot Velocity (vs) Drag Force using codes in matlab. Plot Drag Co-efficient (vs) Drag Force  using codes in matlab Theory : Drag force : In fluid dynamics Read more


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