Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student  at National Institute of Technology Jalandhar

This page serves as a portfolio of all the projects that i have worked on

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Projects by Rochak Badyal

https://projects.skill-lync.com/projects/MBD-Simulation-on-an-IC-Engine-Valve-Train-47530 Read more

Aim:- To model an IC Engine Valve Train and run a simulation to obtain:- Valve Lift.  The contact force between  Cam and Push Rod Pushrod and Rocker Arm Rocker Arm and Valve   Sl.No CAM Lift (mm) Speed (RPM)  Material  Read more

https://projects.skill-lync.com/projects/MBD-Simulation-on-a-Piston-Assembly-45988 Read more

ObjectiveTo model piston assembly and to do the motion analysis to obtain the linear displacement of the piston head in three different cases Introduction Piston assembly consists of the piston head, connecting rod, gudgeon pin, crank and crankpinThe piston is the par Read more

Planetary Gear System or an epicyclic gear train is used to set different gear ratios by using three sets of gear sun gear, planet gear, and ring gear.All the planet gears are mounted to a single rotating member, called a cage, arm, or carrier where the output is obtain Read more

                                      COMPARISION OF BENDING IN BEAMS  Objective:  To compare the performance of three types of beams under a bending load.   Read more

Objective:To determine the minimum cushion pressure needed to break a given thickness of the ice using an air cushion vehicle and calculating the best relaxation factor Formula: `p^3(1-beta^2)+(0.4hbeta^2-(sigmah^2)/(r^2))p^2+(sigma^2h^4)/(3r^4)p-((sigmah^2)/(3r^ Read more

https://projects.skill-lync.com/projects/Solving-second-order-ODE-for-Pendulum-using-Python-06866 Read more

Aim: To write a program to plot the PV diagram for an Air Standard Cycle(Otto cycle) and calculating the thermal efficiency of the cycle Method: For plotting PV diagram for an Air Standard Cycle(Otto Cycle) the inputs given are: bore=0.1stroke=0.2connecting rod=0.15cr Read more

A genetic algorithm (GA) is a method for solving both constrained and unconstrained optimization problems based on a natural selection process that mimics biological evolution.The algorithm repeatedly modifies a population of individual solutions. At each step, the gene Read more


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