Enthusiastic Engineer, Interested in CFD simulations, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive. Having experience in CFD simulation for structural, vibrational and thermal analysis in ANSA. Currently working on crashworthiness using Hypermesh and RadiossVersatile Person. More Passionate in Automotive. Area of strength is in FINITE ELEMENTAL ANALYSIS.

Research and Experiement oriented person having done projects and experience with Research scholars.

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Projects by Sachin M

1.Objectives:      To compare the result of the base simulation and improve shell element properties. 2.Explanation :   2.1 Simulation 1 : First, 0000.rad file is imported to the Hypermesh. To get a minimum of 25 animation files, frequency is Read more

Objective:     The aim of this project is to do a geometry clean up for given models and perform 2D mesh using the midplane surface extract for the given parameters for the shell element. Procedure: Import the given model to Hypermesh --- Radioss. The Rad Read more

File Parsing using Python
Sachin M · 2019-09-14 04:42:56

Objective :    The aim of this project is do file parsing using python for different data provided in the file. Explanation:    File Parsing :         Text parsing is a common programming task that splits the given s Read more

Objective :      The main aim of the task is to perform a curve fit for linear and cubic polynomials equation and to find which curve fits the best to the actual data curve. Explanation :            The main aim of the cur Read more

Objective:   The main objective the process is to mesh the given hood model using ansa and do the hemming process at last. Hemming:    The hemming process is used in many automation where it helps to join two different surfaces with different material Read more

`f(x) = 5-(x-2)^2 - 2(y-1)^2`        `5 - x^2-4+4x-2y^2-2+4y = 0`        `-x^2-2y^2+4x+4y-1=0`          g(x)=f(x)+λ `g(x) = -x^2-2y^2+4x+4y-1 + λ (x+4y-3)`   `(del g)/(d Read more

 Objective:       The main aim of this project is determining the minimum cushion pressure needed to break a given thickness of ice using an air cushion vehicle by breaking down the equation according to the Newton-Raphson technique. Introduction: Read more

Objective:  To write a program to simulate the transient behavior of a simple pendulum and to create an animation of its motion using python. Introduction:   In engineering, ODE(Ordinary Differential Equation) is used to describe the transient behavior of a Read more

AIM:    To plot PV diagram for the otto cycle and also computing thermal efficiency OBJECTIVE: Obtain values of pressure and volume of 4 points in the graph. Making an equation for the isentropic compression and expansion process Obtaining the thermal e Read more

Objective: To simulate the forward kinematics of a 2R Robotic Arm using Python. Procedure: Let, l1 and l2 be the length of the link1 and link 2 respectively. theta1 and theta2 be the angle made by the links 1 and 2 w.r.t horizontal. By assuming the theta1 and the Read more


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