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Projects by Saurabh sharma

Challenge on Combustion
Saurabh sharma · 2020-02-16 18:45:07

  Challenge on Combustion Objective:- Perform a combustion simulation on the combuster model and plot the variation of the mass fraction of the different species in the simulation using line probes at different locations of the combuster. You need to plot Read more


Cyclone Separator Challenge



We have to perform an analysis on the cyclone seperator model for  different number of inectioned particles.

1. The four imperical models use Read more

  Gate Valve Parametric Study A gate valve, also known as a sluice valve, is a valve that opens by lifting a barrier(gate) out of the path of the fluid.Gate valves are used to shut off the flow of liquids rather than for flow regulation. Gate valve require Read more

Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis on a graphics card. Description of a conjugate heat transfer analysis:- Conjugate heat transfer represents the combination of heat transfer in liquids and solids simulteneously. The mode of heat transfer in solids is conduction and con Read more

    Rayleigh Taylor Instability Challenge SOLUTION-1:- Models used for Rayleigh-Taylor instability:- Early-time growth Potential flow Buoyancy-drag balance Energy budget   1. Early-time growth:- It was noted in the taylor (1950) that t Read more

Exhaust Port Challenge
Saurabh sharma · 2019-12-19 08:14:22

              Exhaust Port Challenge SOLUTION1:- Why and Where a CHT analysis is used? Conjugate Heat Transfer analysis:- Conjugate heat transfer analysis is generally used when there is a teperature variation during heating and co Read more

Ahmed Body Challenge
Saurabh sharma · 2019-12-17 16:08:31

              Ahmed Body Challenge  SOLUTION1: Ahmed body:- The Ahmed body was originally described By S.R. Ahmed in 1984. Ahmed body is a simplified car body. The shape provides a  model to study geometric effects Read more

    Simulation of Flow through a pipe in                                OpenFoam Objective of the project:- 1. Calculation of flow variables. 2. Generation of the blockMeshDict Read more

Simulation of a 1D Super-sonic nozzle flow simulation using Macormack Method Introduction:- nozzles are most commonly used in every fields in order to study the liquids and air properties, because those two elements plays an important role in the enginnering fields. H Read more

             FVM:: Interpolation and Gradient Schemes literature review FVM-Flux limiters and interpolation schemes What is FVM? FVM is a finite volume method for representing and evaluating PDE\'s in the form of algebraic equations Read more


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