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Projects by Shivaguru Prakash G

https://projects.skill-lync.com/projects/xyz-87441 Read more

AIM: To evaluate the Global maxima by genetic algorithm using Matlab. KEYWORDS: Genetic Algorithm, optimoptions, PopulationSize. SOFTWARE: Matlab INTRODUCTION: As early as 1962, John Holland's work on adaptive systems laid the foundation for later developments.By th Read more

AIM: To study the 'N' polynomials of the curve fittings using matlab. KEYWORDS: curve fitting, temperature, specific heat SOFTWARE: Matlab INTRODUCTION: A curve fitting is the process of constructing a curve, or mathematical functions, which possess the closest proxi Read more

https://projects.skill-lync.com/projects/PROGRAM-TO-SIMULATE-SECOND-ORDER-ODE-MOTION-OF-SIMPLE-PENDULUM-USING-MATLAB-81759 Read more

AIM: To study the transient behavior of simple pendulum and create animation of motion of the simple pendulum. KEYWORDS: Simple pendulum, Newtons II law, ODE SOFTWARE: Matlab OBJECTIVE: 1. To determine the velocity and displacement of simple pendulum. 2. Create ani Read more

AIM: To study the working of an OTTO cycle by using matlab and determine the engine parameters. KEYWORDS: Otto cycle, Thermal efficiency, Isentropic, Isochoric. SOFTWARE: Matlab OBJECTIVE: 1. To study the working method of an Otto cycle. 2. To determine the thermal Read more

AIM: TO Simulate and create animation of forward kinematics of a 2R robotic arm by using matlab programming. KEYWORDS: Kinematic, Robotic Arm, Degrees of freedom SOFTWARE: MATLAB OBJECTIVE: 1. Simulation of forward kinematics of a 2R robotic arm (movement of li Read more


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