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Projects by Shravankumar Nagapuri

Objectives: To find out the maximum temperature attained by the processor. To Prove that the simulation has achieved convergence with appropriate images and plots. To Find out the heat transfer coefficient at appropriate areas of the model. To Identify potential h Read more

Finite volume Method: The finite volume method (FVM) is a method for representing and evaluating partial differential equations in the form of algebraic equations. Similar to the finite difference method (FDM) or finite element method (FEM), values are calculated at Read more

Q1. What are some practical CFD models that have been based on the mathematical analysis of Rayleigh Taylor waves? In your own words, explain how these mathematical models have been adapted for CFD calculations  Kelvin–Helmholtz instability: The Kelvin Read more

Objectives: To Generate the BlockMesh file for the given Geometry using OpenFOAM and use the icoFoam solver to simulate the flow through a backward-facing step. To create multiple meshes and will be comparing the results obtained from each mesh. To show the velocit Read more

1. Give a brief description of why and where a CHT analysis is used. Ans: CONJUGATE HEAT TRANSFER(CHT) refers to situations in which multiple modes of heat transfer occur simultaneously. Simultaneous multiple heat transfer modes occur in almost all real-world probl Read more

 1. Describe about Ahmed body and its importance  The Ahmed Body was first created by S.R. Ahmed in his research “Some Salient Features of the Time-Averaged Ground Vehicle Wake” in 1984. Since then, it has become a benchmark for aerodynamic simu Read more

Objective: Simulation of 1D supersonic nozzle flow simulation using the Macormack Method using Non-conservative and conservative forms of equations. Non-conservative Flow: In this non-conservative flow, a small control volume is taken inside the pipe flow but with a s Read more

Aim: To solve the steady and unsteady/Transient 2D Heat conduction problem using iterative methods(Jacobi,Gauss seidal, Successive Over Relaxation).

1. Assume that the domain is a unit square

2. Assume nx =ny[number of points alo Read more

Aim: A)To derive the 4th order approximations of the second order derivative Central difference Skewed right sided difference skewed left handed difference       B) To write a Matlab Program to evaluate the second order derivative of analytical fu Read more

INTRODUCTION: To solve the 1D linear equation to observe the propagation of wave with time. Governing Equation `{partial u}/{partial t} + C{partial u}/{partial x} = 0` C = Velocity of Propagation The above equation is discretized using first order forward differenci Read more


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