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Yokesh R · 2020-03-04 11:49:40

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Mixing tee project
Yokesh R · 2019-08-22 06:06:22

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MAIN CODE: clear all close all clc A=[5 1 2 ; -3 9 4; 1 2 -7]; B=[10 ;-14; 33]; u = [0 1 2; 0 0 4; 0 0 0]; l = [0 0 0; -3 0 0; 1 2 0]; di = [5 0 0; 0 9 0; 0 0 -7]; mag = [0.25,0.5,0.75,1,1.5,2]; for i = 1 : length(mag) d = di*mag(i); Read more

DESCRIPTION: In this code, we are going to solve the two dimesnional convection equation defining a temperture distribution. The equation can be solved by 2 methods. 1. Implicit method 2. Explicit method In explicit method, we will be solving the equation sequencial Read more

DESCRIPTION: Using the central and skewed scheme methods initially, we have to develop the Taylor table, which should be converted into a matrix and solved for the constants. These constants help in solving the second order differential equation. Finally, the error res Read more

DESCRIPTION: In this code, we are going to compare the results of the 1D convection distribution equation describing the velocity for a range of time-step values. As a result, we will be getting the plots on the final velocity profile on time marching and computational Read more

DESCRIPTION:      In this code, we are going to discretize the function for the first-order derivative using first, second and fourth order approximation techniques and studying the error bounced by every method by a bar chart.   CODE: clear all Read more

DESCRIPTION:      Here in this code, we are using a range of dx terms for discretizing the first order derivative and studying the results of the dx vs error plot  CODE: clear all close all clc x = pi/3; dx = linspace(pi/4,pi/4000,30); %y Read more

STOICHIOMETRIC COMBUSTION   DESCRIPTION:   Stoichiometric combustion defines the ideal combustion that needs to take place for a given chemical equation. This is actually the general form of equation for alkanes. The general form might differ for e Read more

DESCRIPTION:         In this report, we will be studying the effects of the grid points in the first order convection equation describing one dimensional velocity distribution.   `frac{delu}{delt} = c*frac{delu}{delx}`   CODE: cl Read more


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