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Projects by behara akhilkmar

behara akhilkmar · 2020-02-19 14:54:21

AIM : Create the mesh for bumper assembly,mesh size should be 6mm.  Run the crash tube model as it is. Change the Inacti=6 and run. Create the type 11 contact and run. Remove both notches  and remove boundary condition on rigid body node then run. Read more

AIM : Comparing of 7 cases for rupture plate by using 4 material laws and also should compare the energy errors and need to plot the graphs and also need to give a conclusion that which one is suitable for the on-field scenario OBJECTIVE : /MAT/LAW2 (PLAS_JOHNS) T Read more

AIM : For this week\'s challenge,  i should  have to make use of connectors to attach various parts of the model PROCEDURE :  1. Firstly imported the given model   2. and created the mesh for that component by using automesh option.  3 Read more

AIM: For this week\'s challenge,  i will have to create 3D meshes for the models provided in the challenge according to the parameters mentioned. PROCEDURE : For creating the 3d meshing we should have to create 2d elements first and after that by using 2d elemen Read more

AIM: CREATING THE MESH FOR HOOD ACCORDING TO THE QUALITY CRITERIA PROCEDURE: 1. Imported the given file and  observed the geometry  2. extracted the midsurface by using auto midsurface option  3.checked for any penetrated surface ,and gaps Read more

OBJECTIVE : Create 1D elements on the following component with given cross-section and DOF procedure : 1 .  imported the parllel bracket file which is in IGES format  2. extracted the midsurface and created seperate collector for upper and lower bracket by Read more

AIM : PERFORMED THE BATCH MESHING ON GIVEN COMPONENTS OF HOOD AND FENDER PROCEDURE : imported the given fender file Given the parameter file by using given quality index  S.N Quality Criteria  Value  1 Aspect Ratio  5 2 Ske Read more

OBJECTIVE : COMPARING THE SIMULATION RESULTS FOR CRASH BEAM FILE OF THE BASE SETUP AND IMPROVED SHEELL ELEMENT PROPERITIES base setup means  with out giving any properities (with the default values) first we run the simulation for given crash beam file after tha Read more

3D meshing for housing and arm bracket using Radioss Hypermesh OBJECTIVE The  objective is to create the 2D and 3D meshing for the given models and solve the following questions STUDY AND UNDERSTANDING : 1. Material property for steel we Read more

Objective :  Perform  the mesh clean up on 2D shell elements by using hypermesh and radioss for 3 given files. Understandings from the exercise  and case set up: Topology : It describes how the elements are bounded or connected Geometry: It descr Read more


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