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1. Roof Assembly The conventional task of the roof panel is that of compartment shielding, passenger protection and connection of body sides, front and roof cross members, In case of roll over, compartment integrity is provided by the compartment frames, whilst the roo Read more

1. Objective: To calculate the section modulus for the previously designed hood and optimized hood. To come up with the new section that has improved section modulus of the previous section.   2. Material of the Hood considered: Stainless Steel ASI 302 - Co Read more

darshan dg · 2019-10-13 13:26:27

1. Fender: Fender is the US English term for part of an automobile (vehicle body of car) that frames the wheel well (the fender underside). Its primary purpose is to shield wheels and protect both passengers’ compartment and pedestrians from projection of water, Read more

darshan dg · 2019-10-05 17:25:27

1. Wheel Arch: Wheel Arch is the semi-circular part of the fender positioned above the wheel of the vehicle.  The design of Wheel arch of a fender should be such that it must shield wheels and protect both passengers’ compartment and pedestrians from proj Read more

1. Introduction: The hood or bonnet is considered as the frontal BIW enclosure component of a car. The function of the hood, for greater majority of cars, is to provide access to the engine compartment and related systems, part of the air conditioning system, a number Read more

UNDERBODY COATING AND ITS PURPOSES: Modern automotive coating methods consist of five main steps. They include the following: Pretreatment: removes and cleans excess metal and forms an appropriate surface structure enabling bonding of a corrosion protection layer. Read more

darshan dg · 2019-08-27 18:31:42

BENCHMARKING 1: Mr . D.S. Pughazhyendhii\'s family requires what Safe Car yet the value which offers an Equilibrium strike of Mileage, Maintenance with Good space, Features and a Social Status too of not to be owning a car which is of entry segment but one which offers Read more


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