I am an automobile enthusiast who is curious to learn its engineering and having immense interest in computational fluid dynamics.Currently pursuing masters in Hybrid electric vechicle design and simulation specializing in CFD track.

I also have completed M.Tech in mechanical engineering at Indian institute of engineering science and technology shibpur and also secured gate score of 620 in GATE 2017.

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Projects by girish s

OBJECTIVE: To perform volume meshing of a turbocharger suitable for cfd analysis using ANSA. Google drive link for meshed file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yG-xll44UYXqTVxaaYDpb3WE5Gz6377x Turbocharger: A Turbocharger is a turbine driven forced induction device Read more

OBJECTIVE: 1.To solve the steady and transient(implicit and explicit) 2D heat conduction equation using jacobi,gauss- seidal and successive over relaxation iterative techiques in matlab. 2.To calculate and compare the simulation time and number of iterations taken to Read more

OBJECTIVE: To perform surface mesh of given cylinder using ANSA MESH: A mesh is a discretization of a geometric domian into small simple shapes,such as triangles or quadrilateral in two dimensions and tetrahedra or hexahedra in three dimensions.Mesh are essen Read more

OBJECTIVE: 1. Write a matlab program that calculates the numerical solution of one dimensional linear convection equation by explicit method 2. To determine the effect of number of grid points on numerical solution. 3. To determine the effect of time step size o Read more

OBJECTIVE: To derive the fourth order approximations of second order derivative using central difference scheme, skewed right sided difference and skewed left sided difference and compare their truncation error.   Taylor table for central difference scheme: Four Read more

OBJECTIVE: 1.To write a matlab program that compares first order,second order and fourth order approximations of first order derivative against analytical or exact derivative and to plot the truncation error as bar graph. 2.To study the effect of grid size(dx) on firs Read more

OBJECTIVE: 1. Write a Matlab program that extracts the 14 coefficients and calculates the enthalpy,entropy and specific heats in the data file. 2. Calculate the molecular weight of each species and display it in the command window. 3. Plot the Cp, Enthalpy and entrop Read more

OBJECTIVE: Write a code in MATLAB to optimise the stalagmite function and find the Global maxima of the function using generic algorithm. INTRODUCTION: 1.Generic Algorithm: Genetic Algorithms(GAs) are adaptive heuristic search algorithms that belong to the larger par Read more

OBJECTIVE:  To write a matlab program for curve fitting of Temperature vs Cp data and to measure its goodness of fit parameters. INTRODUCTION: 1. CURVE FITTING Curve fitting is the process of contructing a curve, or mathematical functions,which possess the close Read more


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