I am Passionate Mechanical Engineer Seeking Full Time oppurtunities in Computer-Aided Engineering(CAE) Domain with keen Interest in Electric vehicle Design, Analysis, Meshing & Scripting  Applications. Over the Past 4+Months, I have been Running Simulations, Writing Code With Wide array of Proramming languages and Simulation Softwares.

Currently, I am pursuing my Masters Certification Program on Hybrid Electric Vehicles at SKILL-LYNC. I am specialising in Computer-Aided engineering Domain. Also, I have completed My Bachelor's Degree in Kakatiya University College of Engineering & Technology with 70% in 2019.

I have Significant Knowledge in preprocessing tool such as ANSA.

I can Code Using Python & Matlab.

My Short-term goal is to Get a Full time Oppurtunity.

My Long-term goal is to be in a Respectable position as a Responsible person in a Reputated company.

The various Projects that I have worked on has been shared on this page.

Thank You. 


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Email Id : [email protected]

Contact no : (+91) 7386369051

Projects by shiva kumar

  AIM:- 1. To Extract the mid-surface manually & mesh the geometry with quality. 2. To Extract mid-surface Automatically and mesh the geometry with quality. 3. Then Finally with the combination of both Extract auto mid-surface and manually mid-surface and t Read more

OBJECTIVE:- To clean all the Topological Errors. To mesh the HOOD for Structural Analysis with Target Element size of 5mm. To create a Virtual Hemming model in ANSA. METHODOLOGY:- Importing the CAD geometry which is a .stp file and is transferred to ANSA read Read more

PRE-PROCESSING OF BMW M6 MODEL USING ANSA:- AIM:-  To Rectify all the Topological errors in the model. To create a Surface Mesh. To Create a Wind Tunnel around BMW M6 Car  To create a Volumetric mesh to perform an External CFD flow Simulation. PROC Read more

MESHING THE TURBOCHARGER IN ANSA:-   OBJECTIVE:- Creating an error free Geometrical Turbocharger for meshing. Performing an error free surface for 2D surface meshing and Then Performing volume meshing on the Turbocharger. WHAT IS ANSA? :- ANSA is a  Read more

OBJECTIVE:- To Build a Otto cycle Simulator with Engine Kinematics using PYTHON. To Calculate the Efficiency of the Otto cycle & To Plot the P-V diagram as well. OTTO CYCLE??:- An Otto Cycle is an idealized thermodynamic cycle which describes the functioning Read more

OBJECTIVE:-                      The  main objective of this challenge is to read all the data from given data      table and execute the following results. Calculate the area under the P-V d Read more

OBJECTIVE:-  To write a program in PYTHON which Calculates the minimum pressure required to break the given ice using an Air cushion Vehicle by Newton Raphson Method. AIR CUSHION VEHICLE:- A hovercraft is an amphibious vehicle also called as \"Air Cushion Vehicle Read more

OBJECTIVE:- Write a Python code for Curve Fitting & Answer the following Questions,                      1. What does popt and pcov mean?                    &n Read more

OBJECTIVE:- Write a program which solves the follwing ODE.(i.e ODE represnts the equation of motion of a simple pendulum with damping). Write a program to simulate the transient behaviour of simple pendulum and create an animation of its motion. ODE??:- In Read more

AIM:- To Parse the NASA Thermodynamic Properties Data file and introduce the Required properties. OBJECTIVES:- To Extract the 14 coefficients and to calculate the Enthalpy, Entropy, and Specific heats for all the species in the data file. Calculate the molecul Read more


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