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Projects by Venkatachalapathy T S

Aim : Curve fitting using linear and cubic curve polynomial for the given data.   Introduction : Mathematical correlations of  curves can be estimated to a greater extent using a process called as ''curve fitting''. Curve fitting helps to determine the Read more

Aim : To determine the transient behaviour of the simple pendulum and to create an animation of it's motion.     Intro :  The simple pendulum is a mechanical arrangement, which consists of a string of length 'l', which has one end fixed to a platf Read more

  Aim : To plot the PV-Diagram for an otto cycle and to calculate the thermal efficiency of the cycle. Intro : Otto cycle is  a thermodynamic cycle, which is predominantly used in gasoline(petrol) engines. It consists of 4 processes in it,starting from 'Isen Read more


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