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Projects by yadhu krishna

1. Central Approximation : `(del^2f)/(delx^2)=` 4th order approximtion using i-2,i-1,i,i+1 and i+2. using Taylor series method, `(del^2f)/(delx^2)=afunderset(i-2) +bfunderset(i-1) +cfunderset(i)+dfunderset(i+1)+efunderset(i+2)` Rewritten n tabular form, we have  Read more

Theory : The main aim of this challenge is to solve 2-D Heat Conduction Equation for Steady and Unsteady Equation using iterative techniques like jacobi, Gauss and SOR methods. Techniques used for this heat equation are : => STEADY STATE  a) jacobi method b Read more


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