Ans 1) CHT is widely used in heat exchanger , condensor and exhaust manifold etc . CHT system is widely used in cars , at engine exhausts system , hot gases from engine pass through exhaust port , this hot gases transfer heat to the port by convection and make it hot , but due to extenal air from motion which cools the exhaust port by transfering cold air to the port .  CHT system is used in bike engines , fins are attached to the cylinder body which become hot by combution , due to cold air from motion of atmospheric air which coools the fins and prevent it from over heating, CHT analysis is used in rocket nozzles and turbojet engines etc.


Ans 2) By base mesh FOR fine meshing Ans 3) for prediction for simulation is right , in system where velocity is more at there point heat transfer coefficient is more due to boundry conditions.

acurracy is depeneds on heat transfer coefficient of material and accurate meshing of different parts , by provinding fine and smooth meshing, by providing prper inflation layers and growth rate.

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Solution for previous question  Ans 1) Ahmed body is partially streamline body so aerodynamica effects is work on it.      its uses : a) designing car bodies b) providing shapes to different types of  cars c) Aerodynamic shapes of cars . d) pr Read more

CELL COUNTS ; 1) 40066 , 2) 57026 , 3) 40066 ITRATION ; 1) 150 , 2) 150 , 3) 150 Read more


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