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Objectives of the Project: (1) Create the geometry using BlockMesh in OpenFOAM. (2) Simulate the flow using the icoFoam solver. (3) Compare the velocity magnitude profile for different values of mesh grading factor at a distance of 0.085m from the inlet. Theory: Fo Read more

Objectives of the Project: (1) Solve the Conservative and Non-conservative form of governing equation of Quasi 1-D Supersonic nozzle flow using the Maccormack method. (2) Compare the results of the Conservative and Non-conservative form. (3) Perform Grid depende Read more

Understanding Linear Systems
Amey Pawade · 2018-11-13 08:18:48

Objectives of the Project: (1) To determine the Eigenvalues of a given matrix. (2) To find the Iteration matrix and the spectral radius of the iteration matrix of Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel and SOR solvers. (3) Change the diagonal elements of the given matrix by a suitable Read more

Objectives of the project: (1) State the reason for an unstable solution to 2D Transient state Conduction equation. (2) Effect of time-step on the stability of the solution. Theory: In the transient equation of 2D conduction equation, the presence of a time der Read more

Objectives of the Project: (1) Solve the 2D Conduction equation is Steady state as well as the Transient state. (2) Compare the time for Steady state simulation and Transient state simulation. Theory: In the 1st part of the project, the code for solving the 2D condu Read more

Objectives of the project: 1) Obtain temperature distribution for a thin square plate by solving 2D conduction equation. 2) Solve for both- steady state as well as the transient state of the 2D heat conduction equation and compare the results. 3) Solve the transient Read more

Rankine cycle Simulator
Amey Pawade · 2018-07-08 18:26:21

Rankine cycle consists of 4 stages: Process 1-2: Isentropic compression in pump Process 2-3: Constant pressure Heat addition in Boiler Process 3-4: Isentropic expansion in Turbine Process 4-1: Constant pressure Heat rejection in Condenser At inlet of the steam turb Read more

1) Main file: Temperature array is defined at the start. Header is read in this file by using 'fgetl' command. The global high,medium and low temperatures are stored which will be used later. This file is where all other functions are called. clear all close all clc Read more


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