Cleaning the CAD model and Surface meshing the pressure Valve CAD model using ANSA


Cleaning the CAD model and Surface meshing the pressure Valve CAD model using ANSA.

The problem in the Pressure Valve CAD Model

I have observed in the cad model many problems are present.

  1. Surface missing
  2. Surface Interface

Performed steps in completing the CAD file 

Face > New > Coons > Select Coons > Middle Mouse > Observed and Ok

Face >  Interface > Select First Surface > Second Second Surface > Middle Mouse Button

Boundary Condition

Set PID's > Faces/Shells > Select Face > Middle Mouse> SHELL_PROPERTY HELP > NEW > Double Click

  1. Inlet
  2. Outlet
  3. Wall
  4. Inner Cell 
  5. Spring

After the cleaning the Surface

Mesh Generation

Mesh > Perimeters > Length > Perimeters > Select all face > Middle Mouse > length > Provide Length

Mesh Generation > Free > Visible > Mesh Generated

1. Mesh Element Size 15 unit

2. Mesh Element Size 7 unit

3. Mesh Element Size 2 unit


  • Higher mesh length size than we get the more coarse surface mesh. It is inversely proposal to length size for mesh quality.
  • As unit size decreases mesh more finner and better presentation.



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