Constraint Minimization-Pen and Paper Calculation

`f(x) = 5-(x-2)^2 - 2(y-1)^2`

       `5 - x^2-4+4x-2y^2-2+4y = 0`




`g(x) = -x^2-2y^2+4x+4y-1 + λ (x+4y-3)`


`(del g)/(del x)` = -2x+4+λ = 0  -----eq 1

`(del g)/(dely) = -4y+4+4λ`= 0 ------  eq2

`(del g)/(del λ) = x +4y-3 =0` -----    eq3



`-4y+4+4λ = 0 ---   eq2`

/4 in common

`-y+1+λ = 0`

`λ = y-1----- eq 4`

putting eq4  in eq 1 and 3

`-2x + y + 3 = 0------eq5`

`2x + 8y -6 = 0  ------eq6`


`-2x + y +3 = 0`

`2x + 8y - 6 = 0`


       `9y - 3 = 0`


`y = 1/3`

`λ = (1/3)-1`

`λ = -2/3`

`-2x + y + 3 = 0`

`-2x + (1/3) =3 =0`


`x =5/3`


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