Constraint Minimization of Equation using lagrange's method


The main objective is to Minimize the given equation with respect to the given constraint.


This function `f(x,y) = 5-(x-2)^2 -2(y-1)^2` is subject to the following constraint `x + 4y = 3`


Make a new function as `g(x,y) = f(x,y) + lamda (x+4y-3)`

`g(x,y) = (5-(x-2)^2 -2(y-1)^2) + lamda (x+4y-3)`

`g(x,y) = 5-(x^2 - 4x + 4 ) - 2(y^2 - 2y +1 ) + lamda (x+4y-3)`

`g(x,y) = -x^2 +4x - 2 y^2 +4y -1 + lamda (x+4y-3)`

 Perform partial differential equation on this g(x,y) function w.r.t. x, y & `lamda`

`(del g)/(del x) = 0`

`-2x + 4+ lamda = 0`   ---------------> Eq. 1

`(del g)/(del y) = 0`

`-4y + 4+ 4lamda =0`

`lamda - y+1 =0`

`lamda = y-1`              ---------------> Eq. 2

`(del g)/(del lamda) = 0`

`x+4y-3=0`                ---------------> Eq. 3

Put eq. 2 into eq. 1, we get


`-2x+y+3=0`              ---------------> Eq. 4

multiply eq. 3 with 2 and solve with eq. 4, we get



put value of y in eq. 2, we get `lamda`

`lamda = -2/3`

put value of y in eq. 3, we get  value of x

`x = 5/3`


We get the value of x , y and `lamda`

`x = 5/3` , `y=1/3` , `lamda = -2/3`



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