Epicyclic Gear Train

Epicyclic gear train:-

First of all we will create a sun,star and ring and accordingly also make a carrier for the star gear and then do the assembly as shown in fig.

epicyclic gear train

Epicyclic gear train 2

epicyclic gear train

Then we arrange the tooth of the sun, star and ring gear and align it properly then we will conduct the following test

Sr no.                    Input                      Output                          Fixed

1.                        Sun Gear                  Carrier                        Ring Gear

2.                        Ring Gear                 Carrier                        Sun Gear

3.                        Sun Gear                 Ring Gear                     Carrier

Following are the plots obtained for case I:

angular velocity of star and sun

Following are the plots obtained for case II:

Angular velocity of star and ring gear

Following are the plots obtained for case III:

Angular velocity of ring gear and sun gear


Planetary gear sets consists of sun gear, star gear and ring gear. all the parts are assembled to make a planetary gear train.This assmebly is made such taht all the componets can move independently and if we fix any one component i.e. sun or star or ring gear. the other two components will rotate freely. Planetary gear sets are mainly used in automatic transmissions of automobiles.

In case I: In case 1, ring gear is fixed and input is given to sun gear and output is taken from star gear. two graphs are seen in case 1. the one above is of star gear and below is of carrier we can see that angular velocity of star gears are more.

In case II: In case 2, Sun gear is kept fixed and ring gear is given input and carrier is given output from the graphs we can see that above one is of star gear and below represents carrier and magnitude of angular velocity os star gear was more.

In case III: In case 3, Sun gear is kept fixed and input is given to ring gear and output is taken from star gear or carrier and as similiar above graph show angular velocity of star gear and graph below shows angular velocity of carrier but as the star gear are fixed in this matter the angular velocity of the star gear and carrier is same.


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