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Ans 1) Ahmed body is partially streamline body so aerodynamica effects is work on it.

     its uses : a) designing car bodies b) providing shapes to different types of  cars c) Aerodynamic shapes of cars . d) pressure and velocity effects around the car and aeroplanes  . e) to study a boundry layer effects around and surface of cars and aircrafts .f) to study aerodynamics effects around various missiles and rockets . g) its also used in conceptional desiging of new missiles and space shuttels etc.

Ans 2) velocity profile for three setups

   setup 1, Setup 2 ,

Setup 3 ,Ans 3) pressure is negative due to velocity is increased , as where velocity is most pressure is least due to bernaulli's effect  . At front of body velocity is least and pressure is most .

pressure effect 1) PRESSURE EFFECT 2 . PRESSURE EFFECT 3 . 

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Ans 1) CHT is widely used in heat exchanger , condensor and exhaust manifold etc . CHT system is widely used in cars , at engine exhausts system , hot gases from engine pass through exhaust port , this hot gases transfer heat to the port by convection and make it hot , Read more

CELL COUNTS ; 1) 40066 , 2) 57026 , 3) 40066 ITRATION ; 1) 150 , 2) 150 , 3) 150 Read more


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