Fender Design

Design Consideration and Parameters of Fender design

Fender is the US English term for the part of an automobile(vehicle body) that frames a wheel well (the fender underside). Its primary purpose is to prevent sand, mud, rocks, liquids, andother road spray from being thrown into the air by the rotating tire.Fto ender is one of the styling component exposed to customer front cannot be welded .Most of the joining is done by bolting .

Important areas to be considered :

1.Drip area.

2.Bumper Mounting Area.

3.Sill mounting area.

4.A pillar mounting area.


Design of Fender Drip area

The above master section is followed for creating Drip area.



The Drip area is placed at the center of the fender considering the distance for the A pillar mounting and Sill mounting.

2.Bumper Mounting area

Bumper area has been creation appproximately .



3.A pillar mounting 

A pillar mounting is Modelled Approximately.Bolts are used for joining.

4.Sill Mounting Area

Sill mounting is done using bolts




Wheel Arch Flange:


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