The foundation of GT-SUITE is a versatile multi-physics platform for constructing models of general systems based on many underlying fundamental libraries:

  • Flow library (any fluid, gas or liquid or mixture)
  • Acoustics library (both non-linear and linear)
  • Thermal library (all types of heat transfer)
  • Mechanical library (kinematics, multi-body dynamics, frequency domain)
  • Electric and Electromagnetic library (circuits, electromechanical devices)
  • Chemistry library (chemical kinetics)
  • Controls library (signal processing)
  • Built-in 3D CFD and 3D FE (thermal and structural)

Different modules in GT - Suite

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Output results
Total heat transfer
Temperature drop = T2 - T1 = 371 - 350 = 21.
Thermal conductivity = 8 W/m^2-K.
Total heat transfer = 16 m^2.
Total heat transfer Q = h*A*del T.
                               =  2.688 kW.
Total Pressure drop = 1.197 Pa.

Projects by Aravind Subramanian

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