Hood design

Hood:- Its a covering part of engine compartmet which is also known as bonnet.


  • Acts as a engine unit protector,and protects from environmental issues.
  • Protects passenger from frontal crash and plays a vital role in pedestrian safety.
  • Overall helps to improve the aerodynamic performance of the car.

Given data:

  • outer panel thickness: 0.75mm.
  • inner panel thickness:0.75 mm.
  • reinforcement thickness:1.5mm.

complete hood partHOOD

Here the hood has been designed based on the given data and corner relief is gven for hemming process.

The gap between the outer panel and inner panel is filled by the mastic sealents. 

The embosses are created in such a way to transmit the forces toward the hinge, rather than transmitting towards the passenger or driver.

Materials have been removed to reduce the weight of hood and to provide stiffness while crash.

mastic sealents

Here the mastic sealents of 80 mm dia is placed overall portion of hood which is of 5 mm thickness. This holds the H.OTR and H.INR panel. The embosses are created for hood hinge and the latch.

Thus the hood is desgined based upon the considerations of:-

  • pedestrians safety while frontal crash occurs.
  • embosses to improve the strength and stiffness.
  • latch positioning on the basis of hinge axis.
  • providing corner relief for hemming operation.

Positioning latch amd striker by drawing cirlce using hinge axis.

Here the stiker plate is positioned by using hinge axis.



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