Design Considerations and procedure for Hood Designing

The Hood is an opening body panel that coversthe engine in a front-engine vehicle. The hood isalso considered as another type of door in avehicle as it consists of an outer panel and innerpanel.Here we will look in detail the design parameters ,Master section and other joining methods associated with the Hood.

  • Hood consist of an Outer panel(0.75mm thickness) and the Inner panel (0.75mm thickness) joined with the help of hemming process and the application of Mastic Sealant. 
  • The other important points need to be considerd are the position of the hood hinge,Latch and striker position.A line drawn from the center of the line joining of Hood Hinges(LH,RH) should pass through the Latch center point.
  • The hinges embosses are created at the place where the hinges will get mounted.


  • Basically every BIW component follows a master section through which the actual real life product is derived.
  • Since Welding cannot be done on the styling areas exposed outside Mastic Sealant plays a vital role in bringing two components joined together with the proper strengthening.


Master Section Followed :For Hood Inner panel



  • The above master section is followed and the inner pannel is created using the outer panel offset option .


  • The Hems are created with proper relief at the corner.Reliefs are given at the corner because when the roller is used for hemming near the corners,there are chances of sheet metal tend to buckle,tear near the corners.



  •  The mastic sealant is placed mainly on the center area which is 5 mm width and 8mm dia placed between inner and outer panel.




  •  The Latch emboss Has been created using the latch 


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