Mesh the BMW M6 Model


Cleaning and Meshing of the provided BMW M6 Model.


As the car has several PID's there were many topological errors to clear and there are triple coons single coons as seen in the above model, the main aim is to clear those and to create a surface mesh.

Above showing wireframe pic we see the three Colors

  1. Red showing the Single surface (Free Boundary)
  2. Yellow showing the two surface attached to each other
  3. Blue showing the more than two surface attached to each other

Common Tools Used in ANSA

Create a Face Select Surface

  4. COONS

  • Fitted-  The FITTED option is used for the definition of a non-planar Face. The created Face fits the selected boundaries.
  • Planar- It defines a new planar face which is automatically created.
  • Coons-  This is an easy way to define a new surface by its boundary curves.

Set PID- This function assigns selected Faces, Shells or Groups of entities to an existing or new PID.

Extrude [Revolute/Glide]-  This function defines a multi-patch surface of revolution. This definition requires:

  • a chain of 3D-curves or CONS segments to be revoluted two points which define the axis of revolution
  • a starting and a terminating angle.

Transform- Transformation takes place for consecutive 3D curves. 

Tangent- This function performs a tangential extension of selected entities.

Delete- DELETE can be used to eliminate & delete part-specific faces rather than using the UNIVERSAL DELETE on the utility bar.

Topo- This function automatically creates topological conditions between selected adjacent CONS.

  • TOPO > Select Cons > Select Upper face > Select Bottom Face > Delete face > Select Face >Yes

Intersect- This function defines the intersection between two groups of Faces.

  • Intersect > First Face > middle Mouse > Second Face > middle Mouse > Delete unnecessary face and keep remain

Perimeter length- It assigns the length for the parts 

Zone Cut- This function creates zones around holes, perimeters, and edges.

Swap- Swap function rotates the shell edge picked by the user, inside the two shells which have that edge as common.

Split X- This function splits a quadrilateral element into its four triangular elements, by means of the two diagonal edges.

Reconstruct- It regenerates a high-quality surface mesh.

Swap- Swap function rotates the shell edge picked by the user, inside the two shells which have that edge as common.

Split- This function splits quadrilateral and triangular shell elements into smaller ones.

Set PID- It assigns the new PID for the selected boundaries.

  • Face > Set PID's > Face/Shell> Select the Hatch >middle Mouse> Shell Property Help > New > Naming the PID >Shell Property > Apply > Select Face PID > middle Mouse

Mesh generation free- Generates the mesh for the assigned length of the perimeter. 

  1. Perimeter > length > 1.Perimeter 2.Macros > Macros >Select all By Drag and Drop > length (1-20) > Define the Length > middle Mouse
  2. free mesh > Select Option > middle Mouse

Wind Tunnel Creation


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