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32Objective: File parsing of NASA Thermodynamic data and then calculate the value of O2, N2 and CO2. In order to find the values of Specific Heat, Enthalpy and Entropy we have the below formula from the image.   In order to find the values of Cp, H and S we are Read more

Satya Srikar · 2020-01-29 08:19:54

Section Modulus Definition: It is a geometrical property used for cross section calculation for designing beams and other flexural members. In simple terms it is the ratio of total moment of inertia resisted by the section to the stress in the extreme fiber which Read more

Objective: To design Front fender using CATIA V5 Work benches used: Generative shape design and Part design Basic Commands used: Split Trim Boundary Connect curves Projecting on the surface Sketching on the surface by creating planes Extract Extrap Read more

Objective: Calculate the wheel arc radius of the given design as per the European standards and check whether the car pass the standards or not. Software used: CATIA V5R21 European Standards: Explanation: As per the above image if you see L is the standard Read more

Objective: How to design HOOD using CATIA V5 Work-benches used:  Part design Generative Shape Design and  Assembly Design Procedure or Steps followed: Aesthetic surface of the Hood design is provided as below I have splitted the surface of Read more

Vehicle Under body coating
Satya Srikar · 2019-12-16 06:28:07

Objective: Under body coating and its purposes. Introduction:  It is important to protect all aspects of your vehicle from damage, rust and decay. Automobiles need upkeep to prevent them from becoming undriveable pile of rust.  All the moving parts work Read more

Objective: Re-mastering a given non-parametric solid component and create new Iso-constrained sketches and to create a new solid component without any links. Workbenches used: Part design and Generative Shape Design. Commands used: Read more

Objective: How to re-create "Front right door LATCH OPENING" along using it's Class A surface? Tool used: CATIA V5 Major Commands used: Point Line Plane with reference point Axis system Intersecting the 3D elements Extracting the surface Offsetting the surfac Read more

Objective: To use Class A surface and make B surface using it then making the C surface then join the bodies and make it into a complete Plastic solid of 2.5mm thickness. Workbenches Used: Part Design Generate Shape Design Commands used: Creating new geo Read more

Photo Realistic Rendering using Solidworks: Chopper Parts I have rendered using Solidworks are as below: Chain Oil tank Pedal part Rear Fender Rear Wheel Front Wheel Front Fender Kickstand Part Chassis Engine Front fork Gas tank Transmission Belt Fi Read more


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