Solving second order derivative ODE function for simple oscillating pendulum using MATLAB

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AIM: To optimise the stalagmite function and to find the global maxima of the function using MATLAB.   SYNTAX: x = ga(fun,nvars) finds a local unconstrained minimum, x, to the objective function, fun. nvars is the dimension Read more

AIM: To construct a curve fit for temperature and specific heat of oxygen using the inbuilt polynomial command in MATLAB. Curve fitting: is the process of constructing a curve, or mathematical function, that has the best fit to a series of data points, possibly su Read more

%input b=0.5; g=9.81; l=1; m=1; %initial condition theta_0 = [0;3]; %time points t_span = linspace(0,20,500); %solve ODE [t, results]= ode45(@(t,theta)ode_func(t,theta,b,g,l,m),t_span,theta_0); figure(1) plot(t,results(:,1),'color','b'); hold on pl Read more

%inputs gamma = 1.4 t3 = 2300 %state variables p1 = 101325 t1 = 500 % engine geometric parameters bore = 0.1; stroke = 0.1; con_rod = 0.15; cr = 12; %calculating the swapt volume and the clearance volume v_swept = (pi/4)*bore^2*stroke; v_clearance = v_swe Read more

clear all close all clc %inputs l1= 1; l2= 0.5; theta1 = linspace(0,90,10); theta2 = linspace(0,90,10); ct = 1; for i= 1:length(theta1) THETA1 = theta1(i) for j = 1:length(theta2) THETA2 = theta2(j); x0=0; y0=0; x Read more

Meshack Immanuel · 2020-02-11 09:04:13

FLOW OVER BICYCLE IN FLOW OVER BICYCLE The first step includes giving the required inputs for drag coefficient (c_d) Then the value of the frontal area (A) that experiences drag is given as an input Then the values for density rho is entered Like wise, the va Read more


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